Coaching After Hypnosis

Quite often a person has revelations after a hypnosis session, and they request a separate appointment for coaching in a specific area of their life.  Cynthia will work with you for various types of coaching that are listed below.  Coaching is an effective way to fast track positive change for individuals, groups, and organizations.  Coaching can increase your self-awareness, confidence, motivation,  and skills.  Coaching is used to help people adapt to change and handle stressors in order to have a happier and healthier life.   Coaching has also been found to increase performance and productivity in a short time without spending a lot of money.   The problem with only doing coaching is that 90% of our self-limiting beliefs are at the level of the subconscious.  So, it is highly recommended that you obtain a hypnosis session prior to coaching.


Types of Coaching Offered?

Life Coaching:  Finding Balance Between Work & Home, Becoming the Best You, Finding Your Life Purpose, Health & Wellness Challenges, Relationships, Our Relationship With Money, Moving Through Grief (Death of a Loved One, Miscarriage, Loss of Health, Loss of Career or Job, Loss of Pet).

Career Education:  Finding the Right Career for You, How to Enroll, How to Get Funding, How to Prepare for Life as a Student.

Employment Searching:  Choosing the Right Resume Style, Writing an Awesome Resume or Curriculum Vitae, Writing a Cover Letter, Making that First Impression Count, and Social Media Brillance or Faux Pas.

Skills in Learning:  Dealing with Anxiety at School, Research Skills, Writing Skills, Study Skills, and Exam Writing Skills.

Skills in the Work Place:  Presentation Skills, Time Management Skills, Memory Boosters, and Interview Skills.

Executive Coaching:  Effective Leadership, Motivating Employees, and Workplace Shadowing for Immediate Feedback.

Work Team Performance:  Focus Groups, One-On-One Interviews, Questionnaires, and Customized Coaching.


Why Get Coaching from Cynthia?

Cynthia has spent over two decades working with people of all ages to help them be the best they can be.  She has worked with people in federal government, NGO's, conservation, university, colleges, Aboriginal organizations, and schools with administrators and teachers.  She has a knack for thinking outside of the box.  You’ll get honest, practical, feedback from someone who genuinely cares and wants to challenge you to reach your goals and beyond.

On a business and organizational level, Cynthia has been involved in focus groups for the development of city area plans, interview selection committees, chaired committees, and participated in many research projects across disciplines including Edwards School of Business, College of Kinesiology, College of Education, differently abled groups, and residential schools.  Her presentation and workshop skills are top notch from many years of experience working in roles such as Faculty, Associate Professor, Sessional Lecturer, Coordinator, and Conference Speaker/Organizer.  Her diverse, cross-cultural background makes it easy for her to see connections and gaps that need addressing in the workplace.

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