Hypnosis"I wasn’t sure if I would remember anything after the session, but for days later I kept getting vivid images in my dreams and major realizations about myself.  It took me about a week to listen to the audio, because it was like hearing things for the first time and needing to absorb it.  It’s hard to explain, but I’m sleeping better than I have for years and feeling a sense of peace.   Thank you."

  Kelly F., Saskatchewan

"This session gave me more than I had hoped for.  I just came to find out what my past lives were and if I was carrying any karma.  I didn’t expect to get the direction I needed to completely change my life."

  Luke B., Saskatchewan

Past Life Regression"Beyond grateful to have met you and to have had the opportunity to be regressed.  It was one of the most memorable experiences I will take with me on my life journey!  You have a true gift to see beyond and guide those you are regressing.  While I was warm and comfortable in your chair, tears filled my eyes as I recalled memories I never knew I could bring about.  I couldn’t help think what a blessing it was that life led me to your QHHT.  You know exactly how to relax your patient, and it’s like you were there in the past life guiding the way.  Every comment you would make shows that you have such a deep understanding.  Well worth the trip to see you and  will for sure be back to receive this enlightenment again."

Lucille R., Saskatchewan

"Since having the session, I haven’t had any back problems and that wasn’t even why I went in the first place."

  Caroline K., Saskatoon, SK

Therapy"The session was amazing!  It helped me discover who I really am. Through this self-guidance technique, I am able to stay on track even when I have doubts. Also lovely lady too, thank you for this wonderful service you provide. " 

Angie C., Ontario

Hypno therapy"It’s definitely fascinating!"


Trudy C., Saskatchewan

Reiki"I am writing you today to let you know how fortunate I feel about you regressing me.  Cynthia you have such a special way about yourself that made my experience so amazing it's hard to put it in words.  You took your time explaining how the process would unfold and you guided me through with so much understanding of every experience I was having.  I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes and giving this knowledge to me.  I live life now knowing that everything happens the way it is suppose to.  I could not have asked for a better experience.  You are definitely well suited for the work you do!  Forever grateful looking foward to seeing you again."


Diane, Saskatchewan

Hypnosis"Before I went for hypnosis, I was not convinced that it would be of any benefit to me.  As a Veteran suffering from longtime PTSD, I had already tried different drugs, EMD, counselling and so on.  I was willing to try hypnosis, but not excited about it.  Cynthia made me feel comfortable and safe.  What surprised me first was when I “woke up” from the session.  I thought only 20 minutes had gone by, only to discover I was under for 2.5 hours!!  I felt so relaxed and strangely happy.  There’s also no rushing you out the door.  I highly recommend Cynthia and Quantum Healing Hypnosis.  It’s not like anything else.  It makes a difference."


Mike, Saskatchewan

Past Life Regression"I had been interested in hypnotherapy since wanting to connect with family members who passed away, when I came across Cynthia on Facebook.  My experience was very positive, which has helped in my healing journey.  I was fortunate to have channeled my loved one, providing me answers and much needed comfort.  I appreciated the debriefing immediately following my session, with a summary as well as answering any questions I had.  I would definitely recommend a session with Cynthia.  I hope to have another session myself in the future."


Lynn K., Saskatoon, SK

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