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A Heated End


Spoilers to say that this regression does not have a good ending at least for the life in the scene. See if you can guess what the person is in this "Who Am I?" after the person is hypnotized.

It feels like I am in water and it feels like there are waves. The water is moving. I'm moving back and forth. I'm fixed in a spot, but I'm moving back and forth.

CYNTHIA: You are moving with the waves. Does it feel like you have a body?


CYNTHIA: Does it feel warm or cool?

PERSON: It feels a bit cool. I'm comfortable. The temperature doesn't take my attention. It's more of the movement that I notice.

CYNTHIA: So, here you are feeling the waves around you. Do you have any sense of a shape around your body?

PERSON: I t feels pretty floaty. It feels like it is a plant.

CYNTHIA: As you speak about it, it will become more clear. Feel yourself as that plant with the roots going down. What are the roots hanging onto?

PERSON: It's not a rock, but shells or something.

CYNTHIA: Describe what your plant looks like.

PERSON: When I first saw it, I saw it as flowing and feathery. But, as I look a little closer, it looks like the outside edges have a ripple to it.

CYNTHIA: What colour is it?

PERSON: It is green mostly. The backbone of it might fade out to a lighter colour with a hint of red in it, but mostly green.

CYNTHIA: As that wonderful plant, what does it feel like you do most of the day?

PERSON: It is that rhythm that really catches my attention mostly. I feel like it comes between my fingers like filtering a stream.

CYNTHIA: We are going to leave that scene and go to an important day in that life as a plant. Seeing yourself arriving there right now. What is the first thing you see?

PERSON: It feels like a hot rock is dropped. It fizzles. There is more than one. There's lots.

CYNTHIA: Lots of hot rocks. Are you able to do anything about it?

PERSON: They just keep coming in like they are going to cover me.

CYNTHIA: So, is there anything you can do as you are watching it. You were enjoying watching those waves before, but now you can't move.

PERSON: I feel stacked and uncomfortable. I don't think I can handle that.

CYNTHIA: If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would you do?

PERSON: I would pull myself out of it and go with the waves.

CYNTHIA: Can you pull your own roots out?

PERSON: When I try to do that it feels like I have legs and I can step out on top of the shells. It does kind of feel like I can't.

CYNTHIA: We're going to leave this scene and we're going to go to another important day in that life as a plant when everything has already happened and you are on the other side of it. You can see what has happened to that life as a plant. What has happened?

PERSON: It feels like I am an impression now like as a fossil.

CYNTHIA: You are fossilized? (Yes) The image of you is still there, but you are stuck there. You have died and are on the other side of it. Knowing everything there is to know about that life as a plant and the waves, what lessons did you learn in that life?

PERSON: Just the pleasure of going with the flow feels good. Just being there.

CYNTHIA: What was the purpose of that lifetime?

PERSON: To figure and sort. To decide when filtering the water, whether to keep this or not.

CYNTHIA: Is there anything else about that life that you want to mention now?

PERSON: I feel that there's that fossil and that is a memory of the life. It is meaningful and not to be disregarded. It is a memory and it was meaningful.

CYNTHIA: It was meaningful. Everyone will remember you from what you left behind.

Later, when we asked the Subconscious (SC) about the lives the person saw and why they were picked for her to see on that day, it said:

SC: There is value in the little moments [of life] that leave an impression on others.

CYNTHIA: What does that have to do with her life right now?

SC: It's her little moments that are making an impression. It doesn't always have to be big. Little moments count too.

CYNTHIA: Yeah, they sure do count. Every day she leaves impressions with her family or at work. That's really important. What lesson did you want her to learn from showing her that life?

SC: She can just relax and go with the flow. Enjoy the feeling of doing what she enjoys and give that lasting impression that she wants to give. Follow her heart. It still needs to do things that she enjoys.

CYNTHIA: Is she forgetting to look after herself?

SC: A little bit.

CYNTHIA: She's always looking after others. It's her turn now.

SC: Yes it is.

This session continued for two hours and provided the person with guidance for greater peace and happiness in their life. 

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