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Cabin in the Woods


 The story you are about to read is based on a true Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. Each session is unique. This story follows the hypnosis process as opposed to formal literary story structure. Character names have been changed and permission has been granted to share this story.

Garrett looked around him and saw a forest with shadows of tall trees stretching up the mountain. The air smelled of sweet moss and pine needles. A bird called to its mate in the distance.It was a warm day and the blue sky beamed a sense of peace. Looking down toward his feet, Garrett saw crusty toes covered in dirt melded with blood scraped skin. It had been a long time since he had worn anything on his feet. He stumbled briefly on a small rock as he tried to focus his vision on the view before him. Why was it so hazy? His large hand reached for branches in the hopes of regaining steady ground.Shreds of cloth brushed against nature as he walked; sweat beading down long, matted, grey hair.

He shifted to the place that he lived. From the outside you could hardly tell that it was a home at all. What was once a log cabin in the woods now was so overgrown by nature that there was little division between the two. Garrett went inside and felt his way around. In a corner there was a bundle of twigs that he used as a bed. One wooden chair leaned against the wall. He grabbed it and sat at a wobbly table for a meal. A carved spoon dipped into a large bowl that had been hollowed out of a tree stump. Dried berries and the rotting carcasses of crickets were pushed through his vacant teeth. Garrett fumbled his cup and poured clear water down his scraggly beard. He stood up and shuffled to the door, swinging it open for a breath of fresh air. Cloudy eyes gazed into the forest, squinting for crisp edges to see. Garrett felt confused. Drifting and floating his mind moved to an important day.

Garrett flashed back to when he was a much younger man. He began to describe his life like he was living it for the first time. "Swords are clashing and horses are raising their legs up. There are soldiers, many soldiers fighting. I don't know why they­–no we–are fighting. The king sent us here. Just try to stay alive. It's about land and… honour. More are coming! My horse just threw me off. I'm on the ground trying to get up. My sword is still in my hand. His boot steps on my arm and he's stabbing me. I can't make out his face. He's wearing a helmet. I know I'm hurt, but I don't feel it. I think I'm in shock. I'm just laying there. I can see horses walking over me and soldiers and blood everywhere. I close my eyes and hear screaming. So much fighting. (heavy breathing gradually slows down) Now, It's starting to fade into the background. I feel them checking my body. They are leaving me for dead. They are leaving me. They are from my own army.They are leaving me! I'm all alone. Not dead. Almost dead."

As young Garrett lay bleeding on the ground, he drifted off to another important day in that lifetime—to the day he left his mother to fight for the King. "I want to go, but I don't want to go. There's nothing for me here. I don't have a choice. My mother is crying. I don't have a wife. It's my duty to fight." But, after Garrett described his return from that earlier war, it was evident by his tired voice that something had changed, "We're coming home to the village. Everyone is rushing out to see us. Some women are crying. Their men didn't return. There's nobody looking for me. My mother is dead now. I'm alone." Tears silently ran down the sides of his face.

Leaving that scene, a much older Garrett thought of that day he was left for dead on the battlefield, "I dragged myself to the water's edge. I found yarrow and tried to stop the bleeding. I couldn't go back to the village. I'd have to go to another war. I can't go through that again. I might as well be dead. No. There's nothing… My life is here at my cabin in the woods."

Garrett went down to the lake and walked into the water, deeper and deeper from shore. It was cool and comforting. He lay back to relax and floated away. "Why does everything look so hazy?" Garrett was puzzled. Then realization struck him that he was now on the spirit side. He could look back at that lifetime and everything that ever happened in that lifetime from a different perspective. "What were the lessons that you learned in that life?" I asked. "War is senseless. Being alone is safer. I can't swim," he replied. "What was the purpose of that life?" I questioned. He replied, "To learn how to be one with nature." Garrett integrated back into his body in this lifetime and connected with the Higher Consciousness. I asked why that lifetime had been shown to him and how it applied to his present life. It replied in third person, "Garrett always feels like he is alone even when he is with family or working. He carries the emptiness he felt in that life. He needs to forgive himself and forgive others. Whenever he's stressed, he says, 'I can't do it alone.' He feels a sense of abandonment like when he was left for dead. Garrett needs to know that he is never alone. He just needs to listen. The best way he can do this is by meditating. What makes him happy is spending time at a park, walking along the riverbank or driving in the country. He needs to go out and socialize with people more even though he has found this stressful. It won't be stressful anymore. He doesn't have to fight anymore. There is nothing he needs to hide from. He doesn't have to be afraid. His fear of horses and swimming comes from that life. Even though he has a wife now, he'd rather spend time with mom while she is still alive. Garrett must know that death and fear are illusions. Love is the only thing real. Love lasts longer, even after death as he understands it."

(The above represents only one portion of Garrett's session.)

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