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Life Stories


 This Blog is based on the past-life stories told by people, who were under deep hypnosis. The names have been changed to protect their identity, and the stories are shared with permission. The stories themselves provide a curiosity or lessons from which to learn from. It should be noted that I do not tell people where their minds should go while they are under hypnosis. I believe that a person's subconscious is smarter than their conscious mind, so I step out of the way of directing the process. Instead, I take the role of a facilitator or guide. Whatever people are shown to them is what they need to see to learn lessons or get messages that can be applied to their present life. Many people have past lives; however, some people go into the future and some revisit something from their present life that they still need to resolve. Also, some people are not people under hypnosis. Some people see themselves as objects, colours, animals, plants or different aspects of nature. Others relate stories of living on a different planet as another species. There are stories of people, who never had a past life and describe coming from the Source. The type of hypnosis method used was the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique developed by the grandmother of hypnosis and past life regression—Dolores Cannon. I thank her and Julia Cannon for their intuitive insights, training, and amazing journey they have taken me on.

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