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Solve the Puzzle


During a hypnosis session, there are times when a regression will take a person to a place, event or time that is not readily identifiable. The pictures in the person's mind warm up gradually and become clearer the more they describe it. Both the client and practitioner work together to "see" what is happening, where they are, who they are, and what is important about being there. Described below is the transcript of part of a session (client permission given). See how long it takes you to guess what is going. Of greater significance is the message that the Subconscious gives them for why they were shown this. Now, solve the puzzle….

CYNTHIA: What is happening?

PERSON: Rock. It feels pretty cold, like black diamond, or like charcoal.

CYNTHIA: What do you sense around you?

PERSON: I sense that there is business. The landscape around is the industrial area. It is all kind of dark. Even the buildings are dark.

CYNTHIA: Do you feel like it is night time?

PERSON: There is some light, but it seems to come from the black rock.

CYNTHIA: Does it feel like you are standing on something?

PERSON: I'm standing on a surface. It's kind of like shale or coal texture.

CYNTHIA: Move through the darkness. How do you move?

PERSON: It feels maybe like a floating feeling. I just kind of glide.

CYNTHIA: So, you are gliding through the darkness. You said there is a light. You can move closer to the light and it will become more clear to you. What do you see?

PERSON: There is a kind of source where light radiates out from it. But, instead of the rays going out, the rays are coming back in towards it.

CYNTHIA: It will become more clear as you talk about it. Just keep going with this and accept this. You are doing a good job. Move toward it. Do you feel like you want to get closer? Does it have a positive or negative feeling?

PERSON: It doesn't feel warm and happy, but it doesn't feel evil either…the landscape area is all kind of one.

CYNTHIA: All kind of dark?


CYNTHIA: Let's get more of a sense of your body in that space. You glide when you want to move. What does your body feel like? Does it have any solid parts or is it more transparent?

PERSON: It feels kind of like almost disjointed, almost like clicky. It doesn't feel like flesh. It feels more insect like with joints.

CYNTHIA: It doesn't move like a person's body?


CYNTHIA: What emotions are you feeling as you are moving around?

PERSON: I'm just trying to listen and be aware. I feel like I'm at the back of something. The back area or back of a building.

CYNTHIA: Your ears are wide open. What do you hear is going on?

PERSON: It sounds like clicking like when somebody has high heels on and they are walking on hard floor.

CYNTHIA: Do you have a sense of whether this is a good thing or not?

PERSON: I want to be cautious.

CYNTHIA: What happens next?

PERSON: At the back of the building, there is a bluish hue to the light. I don't want to go right inside it.It feels like I can go along the wall around it.

CYNTHIA: Keep going.

PERSON: I'm just on the other side.It feels like once I'm on the other side it's more open. Yeah, it feels like there is more of a brightness of natural light. It is different than what is behind me now.

CYNTHIA: Have a look at your body. You can climb; you can glide. What shape are you?

PERSON: It feels insect like and there are claws or something. I don't know what that would be.

CYNTHIA: So, see yourself now on the other side where you saw the opening. What is your purpose while you are here?

PERSON: Just to observe and focus.

CYNTHIA: Just to be?

PERSON: Yeah. It feels like I want to pluck at this guitar string. That's what I want to do.

CYNTHIA: That's good. Pluck at that string. Does it make any sound?

PERSON: No, but I like when it vibrates. It gives me information. It tells me stuff.

CYNTHIA: O.K. Strum that string and feel that vibration.

PERSON: It feels like it vibrates good, but in some areas it doesn't. It's tight.

CYNTHIA: Well, you know what to do about that, because you've plucked it before.What messages are you getting? Just sense it. You don't have to think.

PERSON: I don't know if there are words. It's just freedom of movement. You can feel it.

CYNTHIA: You feel that movement.Is it a nice feeling?

PERSON: Yeah. It is.

CYNTHIA: What can you do when you feel it moving? Do you get to move too along with that vibration?

PERSON: I'm thinking I'm a spider.I feel like a spider. I feel like I want to walk on it.

CYNTHIA: Well go ahead and walk on it. That's a good thing. You do have that ability. What happens next?

PERSON: I walk a ways and turn around and sit down in the middle.

CYNTHIA: Is that the best place to be in the center? Did you find anything in the center?

PERSON: No. It's just a spot. There's nothing there.

CYNTHIA: There are no other insects there?


CYNTHIA: You have lots of little eyes to look around. Are there any other insects stuck anywhere around?

PERSON: There are. But what I'm looking at right now doesn't look so fresh. There might be one that I might have to go deal with, but it's nothing urgent.

CYNTHIA: You must have some satisfaction that you are able to catch something in that beautiful web.


CYNTHIA: Does it feel like you live around here somewhere?

PERSON: Yeah. I'd say so.

CYNTHIA: Are you ready to leave that web?


CYNTHIA: You can crawl off that web that was a nice place to stay. Now go to the place that you live in that same life that you are viewing. See yourself there right now. Describe what it looks like.

PERSON: Things look a little bit soft and fluffy off to the left. There is a little crevice in between.

CYNTHIA: Anything else in that place that you live?

PERSON: Nothing specific. There is a little spot that I can slide into. There is an area where I can keep things. But, it feels good. Safe. Dark. Cool.

CYNTHIA: Is there any company in there?

PERSON: I didn't notice it when I first came there. But, it feels like there might be some eyes in the back.

CYNTHIA: Do you interact with the others that are there?

PERSON: It doesn't feel like it.

CYNTHIA: So, you are mostly on your own there. What does that space feel like?

PERSON: Private and secure. I feel good.

CYNTHIA: That's a nice little home. Now, we are going to leave that scene that you are viewing….moving to an important day….What is happening as you look around?

PERSON: I feel like I am on the top of a roof, out in the open, on top of something. I feel like I am going to drop down from a thread.

CYNTHIA: Keep going. See yourself doing that. What happens?

PERSON: (Whoosh) I get picked off by a bird.

CYNTHIA: Your life just ended abruptly. Now whatever has happened has already happened and you are on the other side of it….As you look at that life, what lessons did you learn from it?

PERSON: Balance is key. Even when there's tension in my web, there's still that balance. You just need to know how to read the vibrations around you.

CYNTHIA: Even those tensions are important for life?

PERSON: Yes, it also fed me. I knew where my food was.

CYNTHIA: So, a little bit of tension is O.K., because it helps you. Any other lessons that you learned from that life?

PERSON: I like to be alone. I can focus better. I can see things and just absorb what is going on better.

CYNTHIA: You were centered.


Later, Cynthia had a discussion with the person's Subconscious to find out the importance of what she saw in relation to her present life. Here is what it said:

CYNTHIA: About that other life when she was a spider…what are you trying to tell her by showing her that life today?

SC: There is the obvious about finding balance. But there is also contrast. There is the darkness and there is the light. The darkness isn't always bad even if the lightness feels better.

CYNTHIA: How does that relate to her life right now?

SC: When she judges things, sometimes she judges it is as bad or good. But sometimes it is a matter of perspective for where she is.

CYNTHIA: When she was a spider, she was safe in the dark places down below and then when she went up where it was light, she ran into some danger. What is the purpose of showing her being eaten by a bird?

SC: First of all, live each moment and not worry about what the end result will be. Even in death there is benefit to others.

CYNTHIA: Did the spider do anything wrong when it jumped off the building?

SC: No.

CYNTHIA: So, it was doing everything perfectly right. It was just life?

SC: Yeah.

CYNTHIA: What lesson do you want her to learn from that?

SC: That she's doing what she needs to do and it will all be O.K.

CYNTHIA: Was she carrying a lot of fear in her life?

SC: Yes.

CYNTHIA: She is trying to do the right thing. What message do you want to give her about that today?

SC: Let go and live in the moment.You don't have to worry. Everything will be O.K.

CYNTHIA: So, she can choose not to worry about things so much?

SC: Yeah. She can choose not to let other people's emotions affect her so much.

She always feels like she needs to hide. That is understandable, but she does have the strength to stand on her own.

The above transcript gives you a glimpse into one small part of a person's three hour Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session. Whether she was really a spider is not the real question. The important question to ask is, "What is the significance of her seeing herself as a spider and what does that have to do with her life today? "It's in the conversation with the Subconscious that you can apply what was said about a scene or life and apply it to the present time in a person's life and gain insight on how to make your life better. You have all the answers to how to make yourself happier and healthier already within you. It just takes a regression specialist to help you get it out.

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