Male Fertility

The sperm count in Western men has declined by almost 60% since 1973. There is no doubt that we have reached an infertility crisis.

Growing Infertility Crisis

A growing infertility problem makes you wonder if Margaret Atwood’s novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, isn’t far from the truth. About one in six couples have difficulty getting pregnant and one in three men will experience problems with their sperm.

Researchers have cited many causes that include environmental and modern lifestyle changes over time. Such things as genetics, health, fitness, diseases, diet, hormone imbalances, drug use (e.g. marijuana, steroids), and couples waiting longer to have a baby have all been blamed.

A big factor affecting sexual satisfaction and fertility is stress. If stress is mild, then listening to relaxation audios, walking in nature, and exercising can help. However, when the pressure to conceive increases and the results are continually negative, then the stress and frustration often escalates to a level where you need an expert’s help to move forward. 

Hypnotherapy Offers Hope to Getting Pregnant

In my practice I see women at all stages of pregnancy, from trying to get pregnant, to having a peaceful pregnancy, and right up to the birth. I also work with men experiencing erectile dysfunction, condom collapse, low sperm count, and slow swimmers.

I use a unique technique that has proven very effective for people trying to get pregnant and succeeding. I personally know the heartache of having a miscarriage, waiting years to have a baby, and being told that the likelihood of getting pregnant is slim. But, I did get pregnant and in my 40’s. Miracles happen.

Scientists have only just begun to understand the powers of the mind. But, what is known is that the mind can block conception when there is stress, heartache, and unresolved trauma.

You don’t have to wait as long as I did before seeking help to get pregnant. The hypnotherapy technique that I use has been tried, tested, and successful for decades. Don’t lose hope. Keep the faith. Whether you are trying naturally or going for IVF, hypnosis and hypnotherapy offers hope.


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