Erectile Dysfunction & Hypnotherapy

There seems to be an increasing number of men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Could it be that low libido is a side effect of some prescribed drugs? If you check with your doctor or visit you might find some of your answers. While investigating side effects of some pills for anti-inflammation, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and high blood pressure, I couldn’t help but notice that low libido was often on the list.

The more worried a man gets about the problem, the worse it often gets. I have a great deal of compassion and empathy for men and the pressure they can experience for their penises to "perform".

Some men have tried Viagra and experienced a spiking headache afterward, while others have had no problem (watch out for a warning label that your eyesight might be affected). Others have reported that Cialis has helped to a certain extent. Some men have low testosterone and find hormone therapy works (although the cream has a strong smell that can turn off a woman if you use it before bed).

Many men are starting to turn to hypnotherapy for being free from erectile dysfunction and having success. Don’t suffer in silence. You and your partner can have a fulfilling sex life again. 

Lust, Love & Orgasms

Have you ever seen the movie, When Harry Met Sally, with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal? There is an unforgettable scene when Sally proves to Harry that a woman can fake an orgasm.  The scene is so famous that the restaurant that the movie was filmed in also has become famous:  Katz's Deli on the lower east side of Manhattan, New York.  A flash mob recreating the deli scene can be viewed at

Studies have found that about 50% of women have difficulty having an orgasm. It has very little to do with demographics and differences among women. Instead, the amount of stimulation before intercourse or when attempting an orgasm can make the difference. In my hypnotherapy practice, I’ve found that childhood trauma and sexual abuse can block a person from fully enjoying sex. Hypnotherapy can help release these blocks so you can enjoy sex and being with your partner. In other cases, there hasn’t been a trauma in a person’s life, and the person does not understand why they have never had an orgasm or have difficulty experiencing it. Hypnotherapy will get to the root cause so you can have lust, love and orgasms in your life.


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