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Life Purpose Questions

The number one question that people ask when they come to see me is, “What is my life purpose?” And if they already think they know, but are not quite sure, they are looking for affirmation. Why do so many people lose touch with their authentic nature? When you were young, you knew what your soul desired. But, as an adult what you desired started to be measured in things like your first car, a new pair of shoes, a cool kitchen appliance, and the list goes on. Having all the material possessions you want doesn’t necessarily make you happy and fulfilled. If it did, then why are there so many people depressed in Hollywood?

You can stop the mind chatter and reactivate your true passion in life through hypnotherapy. Replace any anxiety or fear with a sense of inner peace and direction toward what you love and value most. By quieting your inner mind, you can build outer peace in your life.

What is your heart desiring this year? If money were not a concern for you, what would you be doing? 

Meditative Relaxation

One way to create the life you want is to practice being in a meditative state and visualizing what you want as well as what you want to release.

Breathe deeply as you breathe in from the nose and out from the mouth, feeling your body relax even more when you exhale from the mouth. As you breathe in, notice the coolness of the air, feel it warm up in your lungs, and exhale the warm air as you release tensions and old energy from your body. When you breathe in again, hold it as long as you can and exhale as slowly as you can focusing only on the sensations of your body.

Hypnosis can take you into a wonderfully relaxed state that some people describe as a meditative state. The added bonus with hypnosis, is that your hypnotherapist can direct you to release what you need to let go of as well as to help you gain clarity, confidence, greater self-esteem, and motivation to succeed. Not all hypnosis techniques are the same and individuals respond to different techniques in various ways. The techniques that I use will maximize the benefits of being in a relaxed meditative state.

Intuition & Higher Consciousness

How connected do you feel with your own intuition? Do you pay attention when your physical body sends messages that you are overdoing it? Do you notice when negative emotions start to weaken your immune system and hurt your physical health before things get really bad? We often get so busy rushing around with our schedules and to-do lists that we lose connection with our intuition or Higher Consciousness. But, there is a way to develop a deeper connection to it through hypnosis.

Using visualization techniques, I will guide you go into a deep state of relaxation. It’s that very peaceful state just before you wake up in the morning and just before you go to sleep at night. It is called the theta or Somnambulistic level of consciousness. Regression is used in a session, however, I do not tell you where to go. You go to the most important scenes that you need to visit for self-healing in the present.

It is important that you don’t try to do anything in the process. Please don’t try. It’s more about keeping an open mind and allowing it to come to you without placing any judgement on it while it is happening. The beautiful thing about opening your mind and making that connection, is that once the mind expands, it does not contract. 

Past Life Regression

Wonder why you love chili peppers? Do you have an unexplainable fear of horses, problems in relationships or an intense fascination with ancient civilizations? Have you ever met someone new, but felt like you have known them for many years? Maybe you have experienced a dream about living an entirely different life? These are all recognitions of past life connections that occur without hypnosis.

Past life regression uses hypnosis to take you back to past life times for the purpose of finding the root causes of symptoms such as fears or phobias. Often once the connection is made between the past and the present, the fear or phobia usually disappears.

Not all past life regression is the same and significant differences exist in what practitioners offer. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ is widely known as the highest level of exploring past life regression. It was developed over 45 years by the grandmother of hypnosis and past life regression, Dolores Cannon.   I have received the highest level of one-on-one live training in this technique, at the Dolores Cannon Academy in the United States.  The Academy only approves practitioners who have been directly observed, practice the technique as stipulated by the Academy, and continues to be mentored by them.  If you do not see the practitioner's name on their website, then they have not passed these requirements.

When making your inquiries, here are some tips for what you need to ask the practitioner about before making an appointment: 

1. Pre-Hypnosis Talk
This is a very important part of a session that is often overlooked. Most practitioners will only have a short conversation with you and then begin the past life regression. Instead, you want your practitioner to take at least an hour or more to learn about your life to guide you in the best way possible during the hypnosis session. The talk often clarifies the real reason for your visit. There is no judgement or blame. It is a safe and confidential space.

2. Trust in the Practitioner
You want to know that the practitioner has worked with people from all walks of life and can handle situations that might be considered stressful or uncomfortable. Sometimes a person will begin a past life at the moment they are fighting in battle or in the throws of passion. You want to trust that the practitioner has the maturity to guide you in a direction that addresses issues and moves you beyond them.

3. More Than One Lifetime Experience
Many past life regression practitioners do not go into more than one past lifetime in a 1 1/2 hour session. However, practitioners who use the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ will give you a minimum of four hours for a session that allows you to have the opportunity to explore important days for more than one lifetime. It’s a more in-depth experience that conveys greater messages and goes beyond.

4. Connecting with your Higher Consciousness
The Higher Consciousness is sometimes called the Subconscious (Dolores’ name for it), Higher Self, Oneness, Universal Mind, or OverSoul. It is the part of you that is at the very core of who you are. It has the answers to questions in your life, and it will show you what you need to learn to apply to your present life for moving forward happier and healthier. A conversation with your Higher Consciousness is one of the best parts of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠. Other types of past life regression do not make this connection, and often the past life regression practitioner does not even know about it or how to access it.

5. Debriefing
For a short time after the past life regression, you may remember all of it, some of it, or nothing at all. It is a special pocket of time in which you can ask questions about your experience and discuss it with your practitioner before it fades like a dream. Some practitioners will rush you out the door without any debriefing, but a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ practitioner will honor the experience by having a short post-talk.

6. Audio
Ask your practitioner if they provide an audio after the session. The audio is important to listen to.

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