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"I had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session and it had a profound effect on my life. It was the catalyst that began a journey of self discovery, letting go, self realization, self worth, and deep healing. Cynthia guided me through a series of visualizations that let me look at my life objectively and with no judgment. When you view your life a certain way and are only looking at it through the lens that you looked at your entire life, how are you to see it differently and let go? Cynthia takes you to places that you alone cannot go. She is professional, compassionate, and a true facilitator of personal growth. It is not easy going to those places deep down where you don’t want to face things, but for true and lasting change to take place, you must. I would highly recommend a session with Cynthia if you are feeling stuck in your life and want long and lasting change. She has changed my life by helping me let go and move forward with confidence. I am so thankful for her part on my journey.

Thank you Cynthia. You are truly amazing!" 

Michael L


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