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"My Experience With Hypnosis

When I was walking up to the door to begin my appointment, I was nervous, and unsure of what I would experience. I loved what I had heard from her presentation at the Body Mind and Spirit Expo the year before, but I had never been to a psychic, or hypnotist before so I was not sure what to expect, or what I would feel.

When she began, I felt resistance, and I remember that I had to remind myself to relax, and surrender myself to the experience. It was interesting because it felt like one of my naps, short, and I woke up feeling refreshed and light, and connected. And it wasn’t short, it was like 2 hours, but it didn’t feel nearly that long! There was a point where I lost track, and was almost asleep, but still being conscious, it was very amazing how she was able to navigate my thoughts, even though I felt I maybe didn’t give her a lot to go on, when things weren’t flowing out, that she kept pulling the important, key, defining moments of my human experience out, and helped make sense of things that were holding me back, and that were resistant to come to the surface.

I am an empath and feel things very deeply from my own experience, and everyone else around me. I lost my mom when I was 8 years old, and it was a terrible loss. My mom was a strong, vibrant, bubbly woman with lots of love in her heart, and she was very nurturing to me. When I lost her, it was devastating, and a part of me got shut down, left behind through that process. I recall Cynthia directing me to speak to that little boy, at 8 years old, and to give that little boy a hug, and to bring him back with you to show that little boy all the wonderful things that I had in my life now. I felt a new sense of wonder and desire to explore, and embrace things in my life like I hadn’t felt before. I could literally feel the little boy that I was then, I could feel that part of me, but it was separate. I could feel that little boy like I was then, sweet, young, playful, goofy, innocent. Then there was a point where we were joined back together.

I felt a void before, and I had no idea what it would take to fill that void, and tried filling it with sex, drugs, television. I feel renewed now, and in the moments after the session as I write this, I am feeling whole, I am nervous to let myself feel that, but I do feel different, new, and changed. I feel more connected to myself, more focused, less foggy headed. I believe that void could have been an innocence lost, left behind in an attempt to protect myself from feeling pain and hurt.

It solidified in me that the challenges I have faced in the past, were shaping and preparing me to be a better me. I am not afraid (as afraid!) of the obstacles I have to face, I don’t feel weighed down by that worry. I feel a sense of excitement to go out and start living my life. I feel full."

Regina, Saskatchewan


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