Do you have balance in your life? Would you like a sense of peace? Are you fulfilled with a feeling of purpose in your life? Do you get a good night’s sleep?

Do you lay awake at night reviewing in your mind all the things you need to do the next day or do you continue working on problems in your head that you should have left at the work? Do you stress over the fact that you feel tired a lot of the time? Are you starting to turn to alcohol or drugs to relax?

Is your worrying starting to erode your confidence? Do you remember who you really are? When was the last time you experienced joy? Do you love the life that you are living now?

Do you feel guilty about not spending enough time with the people you love? Do you dream of the days when your life was simpler?

You don’t want to give up all that you’ve worked for, but you crave balance. You want to be passionate about your work and have time for a relationship. You would be happy to even have time to spend by yourself and enjoy doing something without any pressure. Do you even remember how to relax?

Try this quick activity. Take a piece of paper and draw two columns. On the left side of the column, make a list of all the things in your life that negatively affect your feeling of wellness. Now, look at each thing on the list and imagine the benefits of making changes to each one so that you feel replenished, renewed, and revived. Write these benefits on the right side of the column of paper.

Now think of what you would give to shift your life from the left to right side column of paper? What are you paying by not making that shift, and how compromised is your current life without this freedom?

Work with me and in only a matter of hours you can remove the root causes of these issues and be free. I’ve helped many success-driven people to have their cake and eat it too. 


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